The Unspoken Truth about Why Your Local SEO Company Uses YouTube Videos

How search engine optimization services are delivered had transitioned vividly over the past couple of years. Yet using the YouTube channel will most likely remain to be an essential factor in SEO. Here’s why professional SEO services from your local SEO company, or even from the best SEO company in Richmond, Virginia do YouTube videos to promote your business online.


YouTube is next to Google as the largest search engine in the world.

While YouTube is more widely known as a social media site, the truth is it’s actually a search engine site just like Google. In every minute, more than 100 hours of video is being uploaded in YouTube. With the number of people using the site, it explains why YouTube is one of the best digital marketing solutions in Richmond, Virginia.

YouTube videos rank on Google.

Google owns YouTube which is pretty much justifies why a video uploaded on the site ranks on the largest search engine. Videos should be SEO optimized so they can have more chances to earn traffic. Videos being uploaded on YouTube can appeal just like written text. When the authority of the video is high, it can definitely rank for specific keywords.

YouTube videos boost conversions.

You can increase your chances of conversion by as simple as embedding a YouTube video into your homepage. While using videos to present information about your business, YouTube clips can also establish trust. One of the best branding strategies is allowing the business owner speak in the video or providing some testimonials from past clients. Significant messages presented via video tend to be more compelling. As a result, SEO clicks turn into leads.

YouTube generates social signals.

Just like how flu spreads quickly from one person to another, YouTube videos can spread as fast. They tend to go viral as these videos are shared in different social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Social signals is the primary reason why video marketing is essential in any SEO strategy.

Tips on How to Use YouTube Better to Gain More Traffic

  1. Include longer descriptions.

YouTube and Google mainly rely on the text you use along your video to understand what it is all about. And when these search engines learn more about your clip, you can enjoy a greater chance to rank with your target keyword. But more importantly, YouTube uses keywords in your descriptions.

  1. Optimize around video keywords.

Enhancing the usage of vide keywords can help you rank higher in Google and YouTube at the same time.  Video keywords tend to result to better rankings on Google’s first page.

  1. Organize your videos into playlists.

Obtaining YouTube search traffic can be as easy as organizing your videos into playlists. You can opt to fill your playlist with some keywords as such gives YouTube more information about what your video is all about. As soon as the videos in your YouTube channel grow to ten, you can make them more organized through a playlist.




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