Include These on Your Internet Marketing Strategies and Boost Your Sales By 300%


It is indeed an internet-driven world we now have in which having an efficient website is essential to drive sales and revenue. The good news is you can boost your income by 300% or more by as simple as improving on certain areas of your internet marketing strategies. This may vary on your type of business and the industry that you’re currently part of, among others.

Incorporate video content.

Online viewers love videos. A person’s brain can process visual material 60,000 times faster than text which also makes it a wise idea to add more video creation on your social media marketing. You may also drop a dynamic video content on your website’s landing page. This strategy may result to an increased conversion rate by 86%. A greater number of customers are most likely going to make a purchase on websites where they find informational videos.

No To Downtime

As much as possible, ensure that your website loads fast enough. Otherwise, you put your business at risk. You may lose potential customers while your current clients are unhappy. If your site it taking too long to load, visitors tend to be impatient and hop in to a different site. Thus, you need to ensure that your website loads fast, resilient and scales to meet demand.

In order to prevent slow load time, keep your website’s scalability a priority. It is also sensible to build website on a cloud platform. This will maintain the quality of your content and application. Also, make it a habit to test out your page speed on Google. Your goal should be to ensure that your website loads fast at all times, even during major traffic surges.

Post Customer Reviews

Forrester Research proves how word-of-mouth advertising plays an essential role to your business. Consumer reviews serve as this kind of recommendation. You can post them on your product page.

Choose a Responsive Design

Look at the people around you. Most of them are probably on their mobile phones right at this very moment. Consumers access the web for information and entertainment and they usually do so through their smartphones. This is why a responsive web design is important. It provides a consistent visitor experience no matter how or where the visitors are accessing content.

In 2014 moving forward, it was anticipated that at least 29% of all ecommerce transactions will take place on mobile or tablet. With a responsive design, you can promote your business and hit the sales regardless if your potential customer uses a smartphone or a laptop. It can also greatly benefit your search engine optimization strategies.

Go Multilingual and Multicultural

Web marketing experts in Austin, TX unceasingly seek the best online marketing strategies to ensure that their client’s websites stand out. There has to be no other way for you but to go global. Make your site available in other languages apart from English. When your website is multilingual and multicultural, it allows you to reach more audiences which means greater chances of conversion.


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