Five Essential Strategies to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing and Boost Your Sales Now!

Today, people rely so much on their smartphones for information. And while your customers are glued to their screens, take advantage of how smartphones seems to control lives to boost your sales.


To reap more from your business promotions, it is about time for you to embrace the mobile world. Mobile marketing is an integral part of social network marketing and search engine optimization in Indianapolis, IN, along with all other parts of the world. There are new trends and opportunities you can explore to upgrade your optimization effort and provide the best mobile experience to your customers.

  1. Proximity

Based on data obtained from Consumer Barometer Survey, 82% of smartphone users turn to Google and other search engines to search for a business near them. This means to improve your mobile promotion, keep proximity a priority. This is apparently felt by the growing number of searches containing “near me.” Provide excellent opportunities to your customers to interact and find awesome local incentives every time they connect with your business using their mobile devices.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Ensure that your website can be viewed accordingly to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Visitors would be frustrated when they want to check out your website using their smartphones, which they usually have handy, only to find out that the images and text don’t load properly. If you are going to deliver content on mobile, be sure that it is specifically optimized for a mobile experience. One of the best benefits of mobile marketing is that it allows more audience to know your brand or business in a whole new way. Thus, you need to ensure that they acquire a good experience which will keep them coming back to your website and even share the news to others.

  1. Micro-conversions

The main conversion point should still be highlighted within the layout with a visible call to action. However, by any chance a user is not ready to purchase, or if he would prefer not to do the whole process on his mobile device, it is a good idea to have secondary give-and-take options.

  1. Socially Friendly

Make your content so awesome that those who see it would love to share the information with their friends right away. Social media marketing companies ensure that visitors can easily share your content on the leading social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Make your content so shareable, and make sharing so easy. Otherwise, your guest could change his mind.

  1. Apps

Did you know that people spend more time with their mobile apps than in front of their television nowadays? Yes, phone applications already outshined television as human’s favorite medium. So to make the most from your mobile marketing, make sure that you create apps that are fast, interactive and serve as a vigorous two-way channel for communications.  It is wise to create personalized offers, unique content and even loyalty programs that will appeal to online audiences.



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