Social Media Marketing Essential: Facebook Warns Publishers to Stop Posting Clickbait, Or Get Penalized

Expect a massive change on your News Feed, and most likely in the world of internet marketing, in a couple of weeks. Facebook recently told publishers to stop posting clickbait. So if you have been a constant victim of headlines that leave out a crucial information that forces you to click the link so you will find out the answer only to be disappointed by how deceptive the post is, be glad.

There are two ways to tell if a post is a clickbait. According to Facebook, it may be written with a headline that withholds information needed to understand what the article is all about or if the headline is exaggerated for the purpose of misleading the audience and creating a false expectation.

While news about reducing clickbait may be new to us, such is not the case for Facebook. The social network has been dealing with the issue for quite some time now. Previous changes try to lessen misleading types of headlines based on the amount of time people spend reading an article from a specific link. So if there is one thing that is constant in this world, and in Facebook, it’s change. We bet this is a good one. It will result to more quality, time-worthy stuff on our News Feeds, folks!

What Will Happen to Websites That Continue to Post Clickbait?

In August 2014, Facebook announced that it will take into consideration how long the users spend time on an article. The company had also made a warning to penalize websites that post Upworthy-style “curiosity gap” so they can gain attention in the wrong way. The only purpose of these misleading headlines is to gain links, not to provide valuable information.

Facebook assured that links from pages that regularly post clickbait will be downgraded in users’ News Feeds.

Publishers who will keep on posting content with clickbait headlines will have to suffer lower placement in the News Feed. So if you are doing your own internet marketing and you are guilty at using misleading posts right at this moment, it is not too late for change. Facebook is kind enough to guarantee that publishers and websites that stop using clickbait now will no longer reap negative outcomes.

In order to ensure efficient social media promotion, internet marketing companies should strictly comply with the standards of Facebook.  If a user checked the link but went back to Facebook in a few seconds, the quality of the post is reduced compared to articles in which users spend more time at. This is not a good thing for your website. It ruins its reputation and you lose the audience’s trust.

To ensure that your digital marketing, mobile marketing, SEO marketing and other online marketing strategies in Chicago, IL comply to the rules of Facebook and other social media sites, partner with a reputable company that utilises ethical strategies. To be friends with Facebook, your social media promotion has to be done the right way.



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