Include These on Your Internet Marketing Strategies and Boost Your Sales By 300%


It is indeed an internet-driven world we now have in which having an efficient website is essential to drive sales and revenue. The good news is you can boost your income by 300% or more by as simple as improving on certain areas of your internet marketing strategies. This may vary on your type of business and the industry that you’re currently part of, among others.

Incorporate video content.

Online viewers love videos. A person’s brain can process visual material 60,000 times faster than text which also makes it a wise idea to add more video creation on your social media marketing. You may also drop a dynamic video content on your website’s landing page. This strategy may result to an increased conversion rate by 86%. A greater number of customers are most likely going to make a purchase on websites where they find informational videos.

No To Downtime

As much as possible, ensure that your website loads fast enough. Otherwise, you put your business at risk. You may lose potential customers while your current clients are unhappy. If your site it taking too long to load, visitors tend to be impatient and hop in to a different site. Thus, you need to ensure that your website loads fast, resilient and scales to meet demand.

In order to prevent slow load time, keep your website’s scalability a priority. It is also sensible to build website on a cloud platform. This will maintain the quality of your content and application. Also, make it a habit to test out your page speed on Google. Your goal should be to ensure that your website loads fast at all times, even during major traffic surges.

Post Customer Reviews

Forrester Research proves how word-of-mouth advertising plays an essential role to your business. Consumer reviews serve as this kind of recommendation. You can post them on your product page.

Choose a Responsive Design

Look at the people around you. Most of them are probably on their mobile phones right at this very moment. Consumers access the web for information and entertainment and they usually do so through their smartphones. This is why a responsive web design is important. It provides a consistent visitor experience no matter how or where the visitors are accessing content.

In 2014 moving forward, it was anticipated that at least 29% of all ecommerce transactions will take place on mobile or tablet. With a responsive design, you can promote your business and hit the sales regardless if your potential customer uses a smartphone or a laptop. It can also greatly benefit your search engine optimization strategies.

Go Multilingual and Multicultural

Web marketing experts in Austin, TX unceasingly seek the best online marketing strategies to ensure that their client’s websites stand out. There has to be no other way for you but to go global. Make your site available in other languages apart from English. When your website is multilingual and multicultural, it allows you to reach more audiences which means greater chances of conversion.


The Unspoken Truth about Why Your Local SEO Company Uses YouTube Videos

How search engine optimization services are delivered had transitioned vividly over the past couple of years. Yet using the YouTube channel will most likely remain to be an essential factor in SEO. Here’s why professional SEO services from your local SEO company, or even from the best SEO company in Richmond, Virginia do YouTube videos to promote your business online.


YouTube is next to Google as the largest search engine in the world.

While YouTube is more widely known as a social media site, the truth is it’s actually a search engine site just like Google. In every minute, more than 100 hours of video is being uploaded in YouTube. With the number of people using the site, it explains why YouTube is one of the best digital marketing solutions in Richmond, Virginia.

YouTube videos rank on Google.

Google owns YouTube which is pretty much justifies why a video uploaded on the site ranks on the largest search engine. Videos should be SEO optimized so they can have more chances to earn traffic. Videos being uploaded on YouTube can appeal just like written text. When the authority of the video is high, it can definitely rank for specific keywords.

YouTube videos boost conversions.

You can increase your chances of conversion by as simple as embedding a YouTube video into your homepage. While using videos to present information about your business, YouTube clips can also establish trust. One of the best branding strategies is allowing the business owner speak in the video or providing some testimonials from past clients. Significant messages presented via video tend to be more compelling. As a result, SEO clicks turn into leads.

YouTube generates social signals.

Just like how flu spreads quickly from one person to another, YouTube videos can spread as fast. They tend to go viral as these videos are shared in different social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Social signals is the primary reason why video marketing is essential in any SEO strategy.

Tips on How to Use YouTube Better to Gain More Traffic

  1. Include longer descriptions.

YouTube and Google mainly rely on the text you use along your video to understand what it is all about. And when these search engines learn more about your clip, you can enjoy a greater chance to rank with your target keyword. But more importantly, YouTube uses keywords in your descriptions.

  1. Optimize around video keywords.

Enhancing the usage of vide keywords can help you rank higher in Google and YouTube at the same time.  Video keywords tend to result to better rankings on Google’s first page.

  1. Organize your videos into playlists.

Obtaining YouTube search traffic can be as easy as organizing your videos into playlists. You can opt to fill your playlist with some keywords as such gives YouTube more information about what your video is all about. As soon as the videos in your YouTube channel grow to ten, you can make them more organized through a playlist.



Five Essential Strategies to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing and Boost Your Sales Now!

Today, people rely so much on their smartphones for information. And while your customers are glued to their screens, take advantage of how smartphones seems to control lives to boost your sales.


To reap more from your business promotions, it is about time for you to embrace the mobile world. Mobile marketing is an integral part of social network marketing and search engine optimization in Indianapolis, IN, along with all other parts of the world. There are new trends and opportunities you can explore to upgrade your optimization effort and provide the best mobile experience to your customers.

  1. Proximity

Based on data obtained from Consumer Barometer Survey, 82% of smartphone users turn to Google and other search engines to search for a business near them. This means to improve your mobile promotion, keep proximity a priority. This is apparently felt by the growing number of searches containing “near me.” Provide excellent opportunities to your customers to interact and find awesome local incentives every time they connect with your business using their mobile devices.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Ensure that your website can be viewed accordingly to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Visitors would be frustrated when they want to check out your website using their smartphones, which they usually have handy, only to find out that the images and text don’t load properly. If you are going to deliver content on mobile, be sure that it is specifically optimized for a mobile experience. One of the best benefits of mobile marketing is that it allows more audience to know your brand or business in a whole new way. Thus, you need to ensure that they acquire a good experience which will keep them coming back to your website and even share the news to others.

  1. Micro-conversions

The main conversion point should still be highlighted within the layout with a visible call to action. However, by any chance a user is not ready to purchase, or if he would prefer not to do the whole process on his mobile device, it is a good idea to have secondary give-and-take options.

  1. Socially Friendly

Make your content so awesome that those who see it would love to share the information with their friends right away. Social media marketing companies ensure that visitors can easily share your content on the leading social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Make your content so shareable, and make sharing so easy. Otherwise, your guest could change his mind.

  1. Apps

Did you know that people spend more time with their mobile apps than in front of their television nowadays? Yes, phone applications already outshined television as human’s favorite medium. So to make the most from your mobile marketing, make sure that you create apps that are fast, interactive and serve as a vigorous two-way channel for communications.  It is wise to create personalized offers, unique content and even loyalty programs that will appeal to online audiences.


Why Direct Mail Marketing Could Never Be Abandoned?

While digital marketing solutions, SEO link building, logo design service and social media promotion are all essential internet marketing practices in Montgomery, Alabama, many small businesses have not completely abandoned direct mail advertising as an effective strategy to promote a business.

According to studies, direct mail marketing reaches almost $45 billion in 2013. Until today, this strategy still generates consumer reaction. A combination of snail mail, email, and a precisely targeted mailing list can bring a better traffic to your website.

Targeting Your Customer Directly

Direct mail can help you connect with people who can be interested with your products and services. You just need to ensure that you have a high quality mailing list. It should be fashioned with the most appropriate selections and obtained from a reliable source. This will be a great help for you to be able to target women, men, seniors and others. You can use several Demographic and Behavioral variables to choose the best audiences for your business.

You Can Spend as Per Your Budget

With direct mail marketing, you do not have to break your bank. How much you choose to spend on postcards, letters or brochures is up to your budget. These are all practical ways to send your message into the hands of your potential customers. This is basically why direct mail is considered to be one of the most cost effective branding strategies in Montgomery, Alabama.

Reach More Not-so-Internet Savvy Customers

It is true that most people are on their Smartphones and laptops nowadays to look for information in the internet. Internet marketing is unquestionably essential for any business regardless if it is small or a bigger one. However, not all consumers are computer and internet savvy. Direct mail targets this segment. The stuff that you send through snail mail will get into the hands of people who might be interested about you and the way your message is delivered is significantly tailored for them.

Advertising Can Be Personalized

During the holidays, you can send promotional offers and coupons. You can also send your customers some personalised stuff during their birthdays and anniversaries. While you build your relationship with your clients, you can eventually realize sales growth.

Results Can Be Tracked Easily

One of the best reasons to avail professional search engine optimization services is due to the fact that it is easy to monitor the results of every campaign. Surprisingly, this is also true for direct mail marketing.

Direct mail pieces can contain a reply device. This could be a coupon with an identifying code or an application form. When prospects mail the reply forms to the advertiser, the code can be a primary tool to calculate response rates and return on investment.

Provides More In-Depth Information to Potential Clients

With direct male materials like sales letters, you can ensure that you send in-depth information that your customers need. You can elaborate the benefits of your products and services.

Social Media Marketing Essential: Facebook Warns Publishers to Stop Posting Clickbait, Or Get Penalized

Expect a massive change on your News Feed, and most likely in the world of internet marketing, in a couple of weeks. Facebook recently told publishers to stop posting clickbait. So if you have been a constant victim of headlines that leave out a crucial information that forces you to click the link so you will find out the answer only to be disappointed by how deceptive the post is, be glad.

There are two ways to tell if a post is a clickbait. According to Facebook, it may be written with a headline that withholds information needed to understand what the article is all about or if the headline is exaggerated for the purpose of misleading the audience and creating a false expectation.

While news about reducing clickbait may be new to us, such is not the case for Facebook. The social network has been dealing with the issue for quite some time now. Previous changes try to lessen misleading types of headlines based on the amount of time people spend reading an article from a specific link. So if there is one thing that is constant in this world, and in Facebook, it’s change. We bet this is a good one. It will result to more quality, time-worthy stuff on our News Feeds, folks!

What Will Happen to Websites That Continue to Post Clickbait?

In August 2014, Facebook announced that it will take into consideration how long the users spend time on an article. The company had also made a warning to penalize websites that post Upworthy-style “curiosity gap” so they can gain attention in the wrong way. The only purpose of these misleading headlines is to gain links, not to provide valuable information.

Facebook assured that links from pages that regularly post clickbait will be downgraded in users’ News Feeds.

Publishers who will keep on posting content with clickbait headlines will have to suffer lower placement in the News Feed. So if you are doing your own internet marketing and you are guilty at using misleading posts right at this moment, it is not too late for change. Facebook is kind enough to guarantee that publishers and websites that stop using clickbait now will no longer reap negative outcomes.

In order to ensure efficient social media promotion, internet marketing companies should strictly comply with the standards of Facebook.  If a user checked the link but went back to Facebook in a few seconds, the quality of the post is reduced compared to articles in which users spend more time at. This is not a good thing for your website. It ruins its reputation and you lose the audience’s trust.

To ensure that your digital marketing, mobile marketing, SEO marketing and other online marketing strategies in Chicago, IL comply to the rules of Facebook and other social media sites, partner with a reputable company that utilises ethical strategies. To be friends with Facebook, your social media promotion has to be done the right way.


Here’s Why Web Marketing Experts Want Your Site to Be Mobile-Friendly


To say that search engine optimization and internet marketing in Auburn, AL is moving so fast is an understatement. While everyone is moving quickly, undergoing innovation and breaking things, you need not to fall behind on the news and resources that matter to ensure that your online marketing strategies deliver the best outcomes, particularly on why online marketing experts want your website to be mobile-friendly.

According to a statement released by Google, over 50 percent of search queries done globally are from mobile devices. It was stated that costumers turn to Google billions of times in a daily basis for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy and moments.

The number of people who conveniently pick their mobile phones during these moments increases. Today, more than 1 billion people are accessing the web through their mobile devices. Eighty percent of all people who surf the internet do so by using their smartphones. If you see people online, there is a huge chance that they are on their phones. In some countries like the United States and Japan, more Google searches take place via mobile devices than on computers.

This means if your website is not mobile friendly yet, you need to go get one soon. Smartphones and other mobile devices, after all, have quickly become the preferred method of internet access of more and more people.

In a survey conducted by Google in 2012, it was learned that 74% of visitors were more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites. Web marketing experts would agree that a mobile-friendly site has greater chances to acquire clients and sales.

A credible internet marketing consultant in Auburn, AL would agree that keeping a site mobile-friendly is a necessity because of the algorithm changes conducted by Google in April 2015. Changes have twisted the way that Google presents mobile search results. It is essential for SEO simply because websites that are optimized for mobile rank higher.

Every time Google recommends you to do something, you simply should follow. Almost everybody has smartphones nowadays and people cannot spend an entire day without looking into it. If you are not convinced to upgrade your website yet, you can simply look around you and see how everyone seems to be super engaged with their phones.

If your website can be conveniently accessed by customers using their smartphones, you make them happy. They will be able to easily find information that they are looking for, as well as everything they need to know about your business. Imagine satisfied customers going back to your website and telling other people about it. On the other hand, unhappy customers are expected to do the opposite.

To ensure that your website is functional, the size of the template should be designed based on the screen size, not the device. Visitors should be able to view your website properly whatever the size of their device is. A good-looking and functional website provides many outstanding benefits to your business. Customers nowadays are looking for information and prefer the fastest ways to obtain it.