Here’s Why You’re Mind-Bogglingly Left Behind If You’re Not Incorporating Facebook to Your Internet Marketing Yet

Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites we enjoy today. It carries a lot of outstanding benefits to the majority as it provides a quick and easy way to connect with friends from almost all parts of the world. The social site is also extremely helpful to marketers and business owners. Managing a Facebook page significantly contributes to a productive online marketing strategy as there are benefits that only this site can provide. Here’s how your potential customer’s favourite hangout place can lead you towards the growth and success of your business, and why you are totally left behind if you’re not using Facebook yet.

Facebook Posts are Free

Facebook marketing is ideal for small businesses basically because signing up to be a member and posting anything, as long as it follows its guidelines, are free. Experts would agree that picking the right avenue is the best way to promote a business. Facebook gives you access to millions of people that can be converted into potential clients. Then, you get the sales.

It is Easy to Create a Facebook Page

You just need to key in some helpful information about your business such as your company’s mission, history and product details. Ideally, you can also include your contact information such as your business name, address and business phone number. You can share any information you believe would appeal to Facebook users so they develop interest about you and what you do.

Facebook is a Powerful Tool for Communication

Facebook not only allows you to post texts but it also lets anyone to upload photos and videos. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this feature to communicate creatively to your audience.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Aside from raising brand awareness, Facebook also promotes positive word-of-mouth as customers get the chance to post feedbacks about your products and services straight to your wall for other people to see.

Facebook Can Steer Traffic to Your Site

You can link your website to your Facebook page or feed your wall with your daily blogs published at your site. Visitors that are directed to your website can be exposed to stronger marketing communications which often inspire them to make a purchase. When potential customers already know some things about you through your page, they tend to be more thrilled to proceed to your website.

Facebook Can Be a Good Place for Unmatched Customer Service

While it is always a good idea to have a customer service department that anyone can easily reach through calls and emails, Facebook is also an ideal place to offer excellent customer service to your past, present and future customers. They can post queries or comments anytime on your wall, and your staff can easily engage with them. The good thing about it is that while you are solving a query from one of your customers, other people who might have a similar question see it. This interaction is also a practical way of showing everyone from the Facebook community how well you treat people.



The Real State of SEO Unveiled: How Can You Use it to Maximize Your Content Marketing

Over the years, rules related to efficient Search Engine Optimization have changed seismically. As an internet marketer and business owner, you need to make sure that you are updated with the current state of SEO and how it can be used to make the most of your investment in content for 2016.

Before you beef up your reserves, you need to educate yourself about what particular changes took place.  For instance, it makes no good to pack your headlines with keywords anymore in your attempt to drive traffic to your website. According to SEO experts, the newest SEO strategy circles around one thing- experience.

Based on a study on the future of SEO which was conducted in August 2015, the most critical SEO factors that will make a huge impact for this year are mobile-friendliness, breakdown of a page’s observed value, usage data like dwell time, design and readability. The same study stated that the influence of anchor text and the benefits of paid links, on the other hand, will decrease in impact. Here’s how the best online marketing companies use SEO to maximize the benefits of content marketing.

Satisfying the Users’ Intent

One thing that you need to understand and embrace about search engines is that they are intense in seeing how people interact with your site. Google can easily determine if users are going back and clicking on results and if they find the answers to their queries through your website. To get an edge, do not limit your goal to just getting the clicks, but also on satisfying the users’ intent.

Appropriate Use of Keywords

Google now performs better in interpreting meanings. If you are a roofing company and you want to rank high with “roof repair,” you do not need to mention “roof repair” on your content four times.  It is still a good idea to include your choice of keyword, after all it is necessary, but be sure not to overuse it.

Producing Long and Original Content

Experts agree that original content has become more significant than ever. It can be an image or a video, or an article that you produce. But whatever it is, be sure that you put together an original piece that the online audience would love to share. A marketer can create an editorial calendar that aims to target customers’ interest and that is most likely the best thing that he can do this 2016.

Another important thing to note is that longer articles perform better in search. Gone are the days when an article of 300 words are considered long enough. Today, articles should be composed of at least 1000 words or more to get an edge simply because size matters and the longer ones can give you more traffic. The reason why Google has decided for this change is to ensure that they are sending traffic to pages that make humans happy. Subheads, bullet points and images are recommended to use to make the article easier to read and digest.





Discover Why You Need Cheap Web Design for Your Small Business to Reach Success Finally!

If you have a business but it doesn’t have a website, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. In this digital era, your customers are online looking for information and having a website is a way to give them what they are searching for.

Business owners in Richmond Virginia can partner with a company that offers digital marketing solutions which can create a reputable website that looks professional, easy to navigate and is regularly updated with interesting content. On top of all these, an effective website addresses the specific needs of visitors and when it does, you hit the sale.

With the affordable cost of developing a website, there is no other form of marketing that can get close to how cost effective it can be. You do not need to spend all your money for advertising when there is a more affordable way to reach out to customers and introduce your business.

Online Visual Presentation

Not all businesses can afford to pay for television or radio advertising. Fortunately, having a website becomes a practical option for small businesses as it provides an avenue in which products and services can be displayed. It is wise to partner with a company that offers cheap web design in Richmond Virginia because while you are an expert with your business, you might not be an expert with web design and you’ll most likely need the help of professionals who can ensure that you have a responsive web design that will provide you with a competitive edge. Your site should be mobile-friendly.

It Is Essential for SEO

A reputable search engine optimization company can help you push your website on top of the search engine results pages so that potential customers that are looking for you can easily find you. This can be achieved through creating optimized content, building relevant links and establishing a brand that customers will recognize. These can set your website as an authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines which means customers who are looking for you will find you with the right queries.

Powerful Sales Tool

A website can be a powerful sales tool that allows you to engage with your customers. You can use it as a platform in which information can be found, as well as compelling call to action. It is also a fast and easy way to update your customers whenever you have new products and services to offer. They can review what you have to offer through your site and they can even write their testimonials which you can post on the same platform. After all, word-of-mouth has always been powerful.

Your Website is a Reflection of Who You Are

Your site can be a good opportunity for you to prove your credibility. It is an ideal place to show potential customers why you deserve their trust and why they should buy from you. It will make your audience feel that you can be available for them 24/7 and no other medium can make this possible.


Twitter to Bless Users with 10,000-Character Count: Discover Why Marketers Have All the Reasons to Rejoice

Twitter made the confirmation we have all been waiting for. It lifts the 140-character limit and will allow 10,000 characters in a tweet! Social media is indeed an always evolving beast which leaves users and marketers with no choice but to adapt, and yet we are happy. This change allows people to express more, while companies that provide social media marketing services are rejoicing as it allows them to get more out of the changed Twitter to make clients happier with a better approach to marketing through the social site. Here’s how.

Better Engagement with Followers

In a world where online marketing is too critical for business success, it is pretty hard to be edgy especially when the competition involves thousands of other tweets in every millisecond. But if tweets are longer, it could most likely catch people’s attention. It is also a good idea to attach a photo to make it more appealing.

You Can Enjoy Your Link Juice

Since Google and Twitter have partnered, the posts you make on this social media site appear at the top of search results. Be sure to incorporate the best keywords into your posts and come up with longer tweets as they provide a competitive advantage to shorter tweets. This will give you a better chance to be found by the people who are looking for your products and services.


According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, they have found out through their researches that users create screen shots to be able to share more texts since everything could not usually fit in the allowed number of characters. But with this change that is about to come, marketers could now include everything in a tweet to make it more findable and appealing.


Keeps Marketing Professional

With 140 characters, you squeeze every possibility to fit everything together even it could mean typing like a lazy teenager. Now, we move closer to a world where you do not need to abbreviate the words anymore and sacrifice the professionalism of your internet marketing.


Improve Coverage of Live Events

Imagine live tweeting and hosting a Twitter chat with no painful limitations. The extra characters that this social media site is blessing us take all the pressure off.


Tips in Writing Splendid Tweets


Change is coming and to take its fullest advantage, be sure to follow these practices in writing an awesome Twitter post.


  1. Use the right formula.

This formula will convince the audience to click and retweet.


  1. Incorporate action words.

Use the most attractive words to inspire your audience to do something. These include action words such as discover, find, read, see, learn and a lot more.


  1. And do not forget to use relevant hashtags.

Everyone would agree that hashtags are an essential component of all tweets. Thanks to these hashtags, it is easier for online users to navigate trending topics. Marketers, on the other hand, can quickly determine particular campaigns. Take advantage of this Twitter search function to direct your audience to your topics.


Switch into Specialized Marketing for Your Medical Practice and Achieve Unceasing Patient Flow

As a professional medical practitioner, you know too well that your medical practices differ from that of other enterprises. That is why when it comes to branding strategies and professional SEO services, your specific and unique expertise should be highlighted. Your uniqueness significantly sets you apart online. Several medical and dental practices in Charlotte North Carolina own websites which are specifically catered to meet the needs of doctors and dentists and these companies are indeed doing really good.

medical seo

First and foremost, you need to comply with a very detailed, specific professional licensing and ethical rules. Though your services were proven to be effective, you simply cannot promise a 100% successful outcome because the results of medical procedures and treatment may depend on every patient. There should be an extra care when it comes to your website design, as well as in your organic SEO marketing efforts and social media promotions in order to prevent significant legal and regulatory problems that can destroy your reputation.

While most businesses usually do not need to give out extensive information, this is not the case for medical practices. Doctors and dentists carry a heavy educational burden on the delivery of significant information. Medical practitioners benefit by using SEO strategy in Charlotte North Carolina to help inform clients about significant issues in general.

To start with an efficient medical marketing, ensure that your website has all the information that your potential clients are looking for. There should be no irrelevant data included because it can lead to an adverse impact for your profession. Your website should be designed in a way that customers will be satisfied because they are able to get what they need.

Positioning your business on top of Google will solidify your practice as a leader in your field and can eventually result to more clients rushing to your door. Partner with a company that can help you create specialized marketing promotions for every client to build a trusted status in the eyes of web users that can swiftly turn into patients. The company you choose should be one that specialises in your industry, recognizes your uniqueness and help you distribute your vision to the online community.

Additionally, social media marketing can be an efficient and more practical way to provide your practice with the visibility it deserves. Marketing through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social media sites can significantly contribute to the success of your business. Your Facebook page for instance can be a useful platform in which you can include your contact information such as your location, phone number, email address and hours of operation. This will make relevant information accessible to your potential clients without having to do much.

According to studies, adding images to your posts tend to result to a greater appeal to Facebook users which can lead to more views, clicks and shares. Experts agree about posting smart by following the 80/20 rule to prevent too much self-promotion. That is 80% about the customers and the remaining percentage about you. Aside from your online visibility, you may also consider participating in community activities such as gatherings, festivals, health fairs and others.

Must Read: Here’s How You Can Use Snapchat for Your Internet Marketing Strategy


Snapchat has quickly gained popularity as a photo and video sharing app for personal use. Now, business owners and marketers have discovered how it can also be utilized for marketing as it brings benefits which cannot be ignored. Indeed, Snapchat has really come a long way with its humble beginnings from the time it was first introduced in 2011. Today, it is one of the most effective tools that many reputable companies offering social media marketing services use to reach their target audience in a creative way.

Given how huge this new app is, incorporating it to your internet marketing is essential. And to get the best of it, you need to note its features, like the fact that Snapchat puts a limit on how long its videos and photos should be. It also allows photos and videos to disappear as soon as a few seconds pass by and it will never be visible again to the recipient. Clever marketers have their own strategies to ensure that every second counts and all the most essential details are all put together in a limited amount of time. These include the following:

Getting to Know Your Audience through the App

Take time to grasp the nature of the app. Snapchat is meant for photo and video sharing and encourages casual conversations since the beginning. Your audiences here take photos of themselves, their meals, vacations, and daily activities and share these pictures to their friends. When they do, they are documenting professional behaviour which can be a great opportunity for you to observe their needs and preferences, as well as how they use the app.

Using the Right Tone

Creating a marketing strategy for Snapchat requires utilizing the tight tone of voice, as well as the most appropriate language. Idyllically, the language should be easy to recognize while keeping your posts fun and informative. For example, you can use the drawing function on Snapchat that lets you enhance your photos to make them appear more personalized.

Taking Advantage of the Time Limit

While some people see the app’s time limit as a self-destructive nature, you can create your own trail by using it to your advantage. Snapchat can be an ideal place to share previews of your company’s newest products or services. Moreover, you can also use the app to engage with your customers by creating contests. Ask them to send photos while using your products and offer them rewards they cannot resist. That is a very good marketing strategy.

Stay Casual with Videos

Remember that Snapchat is all about being casual and relatable. Video creation is an efficient way to provide appealing content to your followers. Of course, you should never underestimate the importance of implying a message through photos, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Introduce Your Brand

Just like how you do with other social media sites now, Snapchat is a great place to present your business and tell your intentions. Through the content you share, users get to know you and what you have to offer.